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What We Do

Empowerment Academy

Our services are person-centered and individualized. We can help customers navigate the legal system, acquire parenting skills, connect with religious entities, attain home-ownership, receive mobility training, and develop self-advocacy skills. Members have social outlets and access to necessities through food pantries, soup kitchens & clothing donations.

Empowerment Academy enables folks to get in, get through, & get out of the mental health system. Services are offered in the customer’s community. Empowerment Academy promotes independent living by helping people rise above dependency on Mental Health services. Customers can access in house workshops, work readiness programs, and social outlets.  Appointments can also be conducted off-site and in the off hours for the convenience of prospective customers.  We are open 365 days a year, which reduces waiting time for service.

Empowerment Academy is known for the following same day services:



Must be at least 18 years old and have a primary mental health condition. All services are tailored to the customer needs and desires. They are in control of their destiny; we teach them how. Our services are free to you.

Program Site and Phone Number :

Empowerment Academy, 327 Elm Street, Buffalo, NY 14203, 716-884-5216

Manager: Amanda Kopacz ext. 415


Mondays:  9am – 9pm (lunch and dinner served)

Tuesdays:  9am – 9pm (lunch and dinner served)

Wednesdays:  9am – 9pm (lunch and dinner served)

Thursdays:  9am – 9pm (lunch and dinner served)

Fridays:  9am – 9pm (lunch and dinner served)

Saturdays:  9am – 1pm (light meal served)

Sundays:  9am – 1pm (light meal served)

Our Partners

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