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Restoration Society, Inc. programs are rehabilitation communities founded upon the recovery vision that all individuals can lead active lives filled with hope and satisfaction and make valuable contributions to our community.

It is not our job to pass judgment on who will and will not recover from mental illness and the spirit-breaking effects of poverty, oppression, stigma, dehumanization, degradation and learned helplessness.

  • It is our job to form a community of hope which surrounds people.

  • It is our job to create environments that are charged with opportunities for self-improvement.

  • It is our job to nurture staff in their special vocations of hope.

  • It is our job to ask people what it is they want and need in order to grow and then to provide them with good soil in which a new life can secure its roots and grow.

  • And then, finally, it is our job to wait patiently, to sit with, to watch with wonder, and to witness with reverence the unfolding of another person's life. 

(Pat Deegan)

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  • D'Avolio Purveyors of fine Olive Oils, Vinegars and more!
    D'Avolio Purveyors of fine Olive Oils, Vinegars and more!
  • Holy Cross
    Holy Cross
  • Friendship Foundation, Inc.
    Friendship Foundation, Inc.
  • Park Avenue Imprints
    Park Avenue Imprints
  • Buffalo Public Library
    Buffalo Public Library