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1. Earthcam
Literally go ANYWHERE. NYC, Museums, the beach, into a lion's den LIVE, or how about experiencing a helicopter ride? TONS of locations to explore.  


2. Collection of the Top 12 Museum Tours Online

This is an article containing links to these Top 12 Museums.  


3. Collection of 33 National Parks to Tour Online  


4. Want to go see Walt Disney World?

This is an article with links to experience famous attractions of Walt Disney Theme Parks 


5. Need a Book to Read?

This is an article containing information on how to access over 300,000 books from the NY Public Library.


6. Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden Facebook Page

What to learn about zoo animals in LIVE demonstrations with zookeepers?

"Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden has closed until further notice, but will have a Facebook Live event everyday at 3pm on their home page featuring an animal and an activity that kids can do at home. This starts on Monday March 16."  



Texas Elementary Principals & Supervisors Association has book readings for school age children live from their Facebook page. Check the link for reading schedule.*F  


8. Storyline Online

Who doesn't love celebrities reading children's books?! FREE book readings by lovely folks more famous than myself at your fingertips.  



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