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What We Do

Empowerment Academy

Benefits Advisement

We can help you determine whether you might qualify for helpful benefits. Our goal is to help you achieve financial stability. We can help you apply and attend any necessary meetings/ hearings with you. We offer advocacy and support throughout the determination process of receiving benefits. We also offer assistance & support with re-certification and appeals hearings process.

We can help individuals apply for:

-Affordable Medical Coverage / Medicaid
-Half-fare Bus Pass
-Rental Assistance
-Utility Assistance
-Individual Development Accounts
-Home Ownership Programs
-Rental Rebates, etc…
-Veteran’s Benefits
-Food Stamps /SNAP
-Public Assistance / Cash Assistance

Our Partners

  • Holy Cross
    Holy Cross
  • Friendship Foundation, Inc.
    Friendship Foundation, Inc.
  • Park Avenue Imprints
    Park Avenue Imprints
  • Buffalo Public Library
    Buffalo Public Library