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What We Do

Empowerment Academy

Community Integration

We can help the individual explore their community and make introductions when appropriate. The focus will be on identification of things to do, people resources and transportation lines. More important we will help the individual identify community norms and to recognize other factors which can lead to stigma. The goal is to help people become aware of their community and feel comfortable interacting within it.

We will assist you in confidently accessing resources and social opportunities in your community to equip you to gain the rewards and benefits of full citizenship as a participating member. Assist customers to polish their social skills to enable them to confidently interact in their community or neighborhood and connect with others who share similar interests to them

Our Partners

  • D'Avolio Purveyors of fine Olive Oils, Vinegars and more!
    D'Avolio Purveyors of fine Olive Oils, Vinegars and more!
  • St. Luke's Mission of Mercy
    St. Luke's Mission of Mercy
  • Park Avenue Imprints
    Park Avenue Imprints
  • Buffalo Public Library
    Buffalo Public Library
  • NYS