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Internship Opportunities

We offer student intern placements for students from all local colleges and universities.   The most typical student intern placements are requested by Social Work, Rehabilitation Counseling, Occupational Therapy and Mental Health Counseling departments of participating colleges and universities.  Frequently, student interns participate in our programs within defined standards and requirements of the placement department of the school.  However, a student intern may propose specific activities and focuses related to his/her major concentration.  On-site supervision, evaluation and any other requirements are incorporated into the internship.

To apply for a student internship, contact Fran Gullo, (716) 884-5216, Ext.407

Student interns who work directly with customers in our programs are required by the New York State Office of Mental Health to be fingerprinted and approved to work directly with customers without supervision.

  • Student Testimonials

    I would like to take the time out to thank you for this opportunity and support that was given to me at Restoration Society. I enjoyed my time as a fieldwork student and gain valuable skills that I will not be able to learn elsewhere. Being able to interact with the customers at Housing Solutions and Empowerment Academy was extremely rewarding. During the internship assignment, I was able to put to practice some skills that I learn in school, I was able to advance my social skills, and lastly, I was able to gain an understanding of how occupational therapy can be provided in a wide variety of settings. The skills gained during this time will help me to grow and develop as an occupational therapy student. (Crystal Lewis)

    I enjoyed my experience with the Restoration Society staff. I want to formally thank you for the opportunity to work with the staff and their clients this past July when I completed my first Level I Fieldwork. I feel this experience with Restoration Society will truly benefit my through my future career. Working with Restoration Society and at the downtown location of Empowerment Academy allowed me to directly experience what it is like to collaboratively work with a client to make meaningful and valuable goals. The staffs at these two locations are extremely welcoming, and were sure to include me in appropriate settings so I could directly observe this process. The time I spent with this establishment was an educational and exciting experience; being able to observe and learn about the work you and the staff do daily was informative and rewarding. I look forward to taking my learning experience with Restoration Society as I continue in the field of Occupational Therapy. (Brianna Kayla Chua)

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to observe and learn at the Empowerment Academy and Housing Solutions. There is great value in the service that your team provides and so much to learn from all of you! I would like to thank everyone for being so open and inviting, allowing me to accompany them throughout the day, and for being patient with my questions. The community is lucky to have you and I am grateful for the experience I gained after only one week with you. (Caila Grabek)

    I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to complete my level I occupational therapy fieldwork at Restoration Society and Empowerment Academy. Although my time spent at each site was brief, I gained an invaluable experience and insight into the mental health population and the issues dealing with homelessness. At Restoration Society, I particularly enjoyed the process of moving clients into their own homes. It was truly inspiring to see individuals gain stability in their lives. At Empowerment Academy, I especially enjoyed conducting group interventions such as the quality of life workshop and the therapeutic coloring sessions. I look forward to applying what I have learned to future clinical experiences. I deeply appreciate their desire to reach and guide us students every day. Their strong work ethic and determination to help those around them set a tone throughout the office will resonate with me throughout my future work endeavors. (Romanah Faroqui)

    I am reaching out to thank you for the opportunity to compete my first level one fieldwork at Restoration Society. Throughout the few days I was there I was able to gain an understanding of the fast-paced process of housing the homeless population through Housing Solutions, form searching online for available spaces, to choosing a place with a customer, to then checking up on them later on. This week of experience furthered my interest in working with the mental health population. I truly appreciate the work that you and your staff do in order to help members of the Buffalo community. (Heather Pollino)

    I’ve had a great experience working alongside your staff, Jason, Adam, Wakeen, and Jeremy. During my brief exposure to this organization I was able to add to my growing knowledge in the mental health community and the services they need to support a healthy, independent, and positive lifestyle. Restoration Society Inc. has also given me a glance into what it’s like to work in a community-based setting and implored me to think of ways an occupational therapists’ scope of practice can be utilized in such a dynamic setting. It has reinforced my desire to pursue a position in the lives of those in the mental health community and for that I thank you, your team, and Restoration Society Inc. (Leslie Fernandez)

    I truly appreciate you taking time out of your schedule to supervise my classmate and I. Whole my fieldwork was only a week, the knowledge and experience I took away was very beneficial to my coursework and future career. I especially enjoyed helping a customer create a resume to submit to potential employers. It felt rewarding to help her take a step forward in her life goals. I also enjoyed learning about the work that Restoration Society does to help individuals all over Erie County, it’s truly inspiring. (Jilliam Devine)

    I am writing to thank you for the opportunity of letting me volunteer at Restoration Society at both Housing Solutions and Empowerment Academy over this summer. I not only learned a lot during my time there but also gained valuable experience by interacting with your clients as well as your team. At the Empowerment Academy please extend my gratitude to your staff for mentoring me during my time there. Watching them work with clients during intakes and leading groups gave me insight to the mental health population as well as effectively working with them. Peer leaders at the Empowerment Academy as well offered a wealth of knowledge that I’m sure will help me in my future endeavors. I would also like to give my appreciation to all those that assisted me at Housing Solutions. Thank you to Jean Bennett and her peers for solidifying the mission behind Housing Solutions and taking me out into the field for what I consider to be extremely valuable experiences. Going into the homes of clients and talking to them to understand their trials afforded me valuable insight that I will use in my time to come. (Kenneth Lee)

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