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Employment Opportunities

We offer a range of employment opportunities in the areas of psychiatric rehabilitation, vocational services, housing services, and homelessness services.  Various full-time and part-time positions are offered in daytime, evening, and weekend schedules.  Preference is given to peers.  Restoration Society, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.

"Recovery is about forming relationships with people, not just making diagnoses. It’s about helping them rebuild their lives, not just treating symptoms. It’s about working alongside someone, not doing treatment to them. It’s about treating people like they’re capable of self-direction and growth, not like incapacitated patients. It’s about forming real emotional relationships, not artificial treatment relationships. It’s about hope and empowerment, self-responsibility and respect, community integration and fighting stigma." (from What's Really Different About Recovery? by Mark Ragins, M.D.)

If these words inspire you, perhaps you would be a good fit within our organization. Check out our current career opportunities at the link below:

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