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Who We Are

About Us

Restoration Society, Inc. (RSI)  is a peer operated agency that offers recovery-based person centered services serving Western New York. The agency was founded in 1973 and incorporated in 1975.  RSI customers are adults (18 years and above) and for more information please see each program.  Agency services are founded upon the recovery vision that all individuals can lead active lives filled with hope and satisfaction and make valuable contributions to our community.

RSI offers holistic, person-centered services premised upon customer self-determination and self-direction. Programs embracing life coaching strategies facilitate the customer’s personal life direction, development and fulfillment.

Programs embrace life coaching strategies that facilitate the customer’s personal life direction, development and fulfillment. Using life coaching RSI assists individuals to achieve and maintain personal satisfaction in overall quality of life, integration into self-selected communities and attainment of basic life needs. Life coaching strategies assist the customer to increase independence, achieve desired social roles, and community integration and connectedness while reducing reliance on professional supports. RSI values individual’s natural supports to be present because it is key to gaining and maintaining their recovery.

RSI has a reputation of working with the hard to serve population (those individuals were not successful in other traditional programs).


Illuminating pathways toward opportunity, possibility, wellness and independence.


The leader in innovative high quality services by providing individualized and accessible opportunities that exceed customer and community expectations.

Key Values

Respectful                                                Holistic

Ethical                                                      Optimism

Supportive                                                Peer Advocacy

Team Work                                               Empowerment







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