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Please join the administration and Board of RSI in congratulating Jean Bennett, this year's recipient of the Sister Jeanne Frank Award, given through the WNY Homeless Coalition!!! Sister Jeanne, was a tireless advocate for the homeless and poor in WNY and founder of the St Vincent DePaul Dining Room.
The called the "IN YOUR FACE ADVOCACY AWARD"!! Since Jean has joined RSI, she certainly has not only become a humble, dedicated advocate, but is certainly "in the face" of the challenges and obstacles facing our homeless, needy brothers and sisters of this community!!!

As Sister Jeanne Frank said...."remember, you are serving your equals. Don't put a plate in front of them without putting yourself there as well."

Jean is ALWAYS at the table!!!

Please congratulation Ms Bennett

Thurman Thomas is a household name in Western New York and in the NFL. Now he's opening up and talking about mental health, an issue that many people don't want to address.

Video of the the Mental Health Informational Fair and 5th Annual Flash Mob

University at Buffalo's student-run street medicine program wins one prestigious grant and seeks another. They come to our Harbor House Resource Center to help!!!

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